That’s What’s up.

Reckless Minds was created a year ago, by two individuals very much concerned about making a positive difference.

Making a difference culturally but most importantly in people’s hearts and in people’s minds.

Mental health is a serious subject on which we dedicate ourselves to shine a brighter spotlight on. Reckless minds is about using fashion, art and creativity to let people express themselves and open-up about various issues related to fundamental well-being.

On November 1st 2019, a brief text message between Zac and Emy brought Reckless Mind’s idea to life and we haven’t looked back ever since.

In this era of social media and comparison, everyone’s mental health is being put to the test and we therefore want to use this brand to raise awareness on this rather stigmatised part of our lives.

With our team of mental health specialists, psychology students and various resources like Tel Jeunes, we decided to use our platform to provide valuable information, trendy and colourful information about healthy life and mental habits, scientific and expert-backed facts as well as useful basic knowledge.

Let’s be honest, well-being is not a novel concept. It has been a subject of research and discussions for as long as the human race started .... The thing is, all of this content is often put out in an old-fashioned and rather inaccessible way. This is where we come in. Reckless is filling the gap between knowledge/resources and fashion..

All this to educate you young guns and older guns so we can all work towards better Minds.

We are a team of passionate young people with a common interest in information, fresh clothes, art, testimonies, resources and much much more.


Talk soon,